Snape Maltings is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is surrounded by one of Britain’s most spectacular expanses of reeds, water and vast skies.

Hugely popular with walkers, birdwatchers and nature lovers, the tidal River Alde and surrounding marshes are a haven for hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Resident birds seen at different times of the year include curlews, egrets, avocets, bitterns and marsh harriers, while mammals include otters, water voles and even the occasional seal. Low tide is a time of particular activity, with glistening mudflats and shallow water attracting many species of waders.

River Trips

Departing from the historic quay, where generations of Thames Barge skippers have plied their trade, hop aboard Sea Tradar or Hagar and head out through the narrows down towards Iken.

This year we are running two river trips boats: Sea Tradar is our old favourite, a spacious vessel offering outward-facing seating and runs most days when tides allow, and Hagar is a shallow draft launch that can get out at earlier states of the tide and is ideal for the keen bird watchers.