A transmedia experiment in storytelling for the digital age.

Driven by a noticeable injection of dark humour, RuNtiMe operates as a mythical faux-organisation from the future that is in the business of building ‘Regional Time Capsules’ that serve as musical memory banks for the ‘post-apocalypse’. This creation takes shape as a performance act, a media installation and interactive online presence. RuNtiMe’s first ever Time Capsule is constructed entirely from things unique to the county of Essex. As an installation, the audience can navigate exhibits interactively guided by an animated narrator. The performance acts are staged versions of the installation, designed as curated tours of selected exhibits from the Capsule.

Snape Maltings’ Open Space scheme supported RuNtiMe throughout the development of the initial recording process. During this period, RuNtiMe undertook a large-scale recording of the definitive pieces that make up the Essex Capsule, a recording spanning two hours due for release. RuNtiMe is now in the development of the visual side of the creation, and looking to launch public viewings following the residency.

In the event of a post-apocalypse be sure to visit