Bushra El-Turk

British-born Lebanese composer Bushra El-Turk is using a a place on Open Space to develop a collaborative project with soprano Merit Ariane Stephanos, choreographer Maria Koripas and librettist Sabrina Mahfouz, which will be based on Nawal Al-Saadawi's book Woman at Point Zero.

The collaboration will be established as a platform to develop the cross-cultural, improvisational aspects of Bushra’s music. The piece will create a fiercely intimate portrayal of the central character Firdaus, a woman on death row in an Egyptian prison for killing her former pimp.

Bushra will be using her place on Open Space to work on the Research and Development aspect of her project. She plans to develop a new language through her composition, working with dancers to explore the translation of musical into physical gesture, and vice versa.