How to apply for Snape Residencies

Applications are currently closed – we plan to re-open in September 2019

Who is the Residency programme for?

The Residency programme is for artists at any stage of their career, who are creatively curious and who have burning ideas, or who need time to re-focus on their practice. It is not meant to simply provide a funded rehearsal period. It is a competitive programme, so we are looking for some really strong ideas.

These ideas should be at gestation stage – we’re less interested in projects that have already had some form of life or development time. We are excited by and want to work with all music genres, including folk, jazz, classical, world, electronics, RnB, and music theatre, and we facilitate inter-disciplinary ideas. We also want to hear from you if you need time for your own development needs.

Our criteria for selecting residencies are:

  • It’s a creative, risky idea that will push you out of your comfort zone. Or, you’ve identified a need for some specific personal development.
  • It has at least some element which is new for you, whether in terms of music, collaborations or processes.
  • It involves musicians and artists whom we would like to experience the place, who will embrace the Snape Maltings ethos of performing, creating, collaborating and sharing, and who are likely to contribute to other aspects of Snape Maltings’s work either during the residency or in the future.

What can you expect from a Residency?

Residencies last between 3-7 days, depending on your specific needs. We provide an equipped space to work, space to sleep, travel expenses and lunch on site. We can also provide producer support, or work with you to find someone to mentor or facilitate your process, if that is useful for your idea. Please note that we do not pay fees, but we can help you with funding applications to other funders if you need to make the residency financially viable for you and your collaborators. If you have access needs that require additional support, whether they be practical or financial, please get in touch.

Once selected for a Residency, we’ll provide remote and in-person support both before and up to a year after your Residency. After an initial Residency we may be interested in exploring your idea further with you, which could include sign-posting you to other support channels that would make a perfect next step. We’ll also be looking at ways to connect you into other opportunities within the organisation.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to be open, curious, and willing to engage with our Creative Campus beyond your own idea, which may include taking some time away from your project to meet with other artists also on site. Practically, you will be expected to allow public access to the work that’s being undertaken. This will be in the form of an informal Open Session at the end of your Residency, and additionally some projects may also be invited to participate in an upcoming Aldeburgh Festival or concert series, including the Festival of New.

How to apply

We’ll announce when applications are open on our website and via our Twitter account, so please follow us on Twitter.

The Residency programme is open for applications up to four times a year, with an application form that contains a series of questions. You can either submit a written application, or if you feel more comfortable, you can submit a recorded audio or video application. Please also provide us with relevant material that supports your application (this may include audio or visual recordings of previous work that demonstrates your practice effectively) and a completed equality and diversity monitoring form. We’ll advertise our availability within the application form – please indicate your preferred or available dates.

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we may follow up for further information, or invite you to interview, either over the phone or via Skype. If we don’t think your idea is quite right for the programme, we’ll let you know.