Snape Bridge on the B1069 will be closed from Monday 19 October for two weeks. We will remain open but please be aware that If you are travelling from the north side of the bridge, you will need to follow a diversion and allow an extra 20 minutes for your journey. If you are travelling on the B1069 from the south, your journey will be unaffected.



Our enquiries are cross-sector residencies grounded in research, and combining theory and practice. Usually arising from our knowledge exchange activity, they allow artists, researchers and other practitioners to work collaboratively to delve more deeply into questions about music’s place, purpose and function in the world.

Recent enquiries have included the development of a music-based intervention for people living with chronic pain, neurological investigations into what happens when we sing together, and the development of an operatic work for performers living with Parkinsons.

How to apply:

Applications for enquiries are not currently open. However if you would like more information about this programme please get in touch with Amy Mallett, Programme Development Manager

"The enquiry experience gave us time, space and permission to think and create as a collective which is what we had hoped for. What I wasn’t expecting, was the magic of the environment of Snape, and what that would give us in inspiration, excitement, energy, restoration, support and perspective."


"The overall support from the Snape team was outstanding. In all honesty I know the team felt quite overwhelmed to be treated with such care and genuine respect. We are looking forward to extending and developing this important work with Snape."

Emily Foulkes