Criminal Justice Settings

Innovative vocal based programmes engaging with those within the criminal justice system

Building on the successful 18 year partnership between Snape Maltings and HMP Warren Hill we deliver a singing based programme to men currently serving custodial sentences at HMP Warren Hill.

The multi faceted ‘Singing Prison’ programme includes singing, song writing and performance and aims to engage a whole establishment under one singing initiative. Working closely with officers and staff members the programme will develop new and existing transferable and musical skill vital for rehabilitation and successful reintroduction into our communities.

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Prison Song Book

Exploring the use of material created by men at HMP Warren Hill. The Prison Song Book project will develop new vocal based resources to be used by other establishments and community groups across the UK.


Training for ex-offenders

A new training programme aimed at those recently released from or engaged with the criminal justice system. Aimed at developing skills to create new music leaders and employability skills the training will support individuals to work alongside established artists to deliver high quality music projects within communities.

Community Engagement

Developing our work with those connected with the criminal justice setting we will be delivering targeted music projects to encourage engagement with music within a community environment. Working closely with National Probation Service – Norfolk & Suffolk, Suffolk Youth Offending teams and support services to support positive community contribution and personal wellbeing.