Creative Thinktanks

Facilitated discussions that bring together experts from different disciplines

Each of our Creative Thinktanks brings together experts from academic, clinical and artistic fields to engage in workshops and discussions on a given theme. Aided by the stimulating and restorative environment of Snape Maltings, participants are able to share and challenge current thinking around arts & health topics, identify opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, and develop strategic actions to further advances in this field.

Upcoming Thinktanks:

Sep 2019 Singing on prescription – what do we need to be ready?

Nov 2019 Musician Resilience – ensuring practitioner wellbeing in the context of participatory practice

"Thought provoking, sometimes challenging, connecting, reaffirming." - Thinktank attendee

“The mix of researchers, theorists, practitioners, experienced and early career, specialist and generalist provided a diverse input to the content of the Thinktank. Getting out of the echo chamber of your own thinking, the usual suspects, is crucial to advance thought and action in the field.”

- Thinktank attendee