How to apply for BPYAP

Applications are now closed

Application material

To be considered, please fill in all sections of the application form and submit the following where prompted to do so:

  • A scan of your passport (or another form of ID)
  • Your biography or CV
  • Application videos & supporting material:
    • Performers: Up to three links to video recordings of you that show your current level of expertise in varied repertoire of your choice
    • Composers / Producers / Songwriters: Supporting material (up to 3 PDFs of scores, up to 3 audio or video recordings of your work) that show your current level of expertise
    • One link to a video of up to 3 minutes of you talking to camera about why you want to become a Britten Pears Young Artist, what your hopes for the year are, what success would mean for you, what you want to learn & bring

Because we have different reviewers for singers and pianists, we ask that both members of a vocal & piano duo apply individually. Feel free to submit the same material & please note the name of your duo partner where prompted on the form.

Please bear in mind that we want you to dare to be honest in your video, we want to get to know you as much as is possible in this impersonal format. We won’t be able to do this if you only submit perfect videos of concert performances. Take seriously the responsibility given to you in choosing the videos that show you off, but that also show you.


We may invite a small number of artists for a second-round live audition to make sure that we can get to know you properly before making an offer of a place.

You will be informed of your audition result or will be invited to a second audition by Thursday 17 June.

All places will have been offered by Wednesday 30 June.

The 2021-2022 programme begins with a kick-off workshop 16-20 July.

Feedback for all applications will be sent out as soon as possible after this, though realistically it will take us until August to compile all feedback.

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