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Trio Kanon from Italy spent two weeks here in February 2015. As well as their 2 sold out concerts at Jubilee Hall, and a solid couple of weeks of rehearsing, they snapped away throughout and got some incredible photos of a storm over the reeds.

“We hadn’t been to Aldeburgh before but had heard very good things from friends and colleagues at home. So we had high expectations, which of course have been met. Our time here has been unbelievably productive, with time to settle in, work on even the tiny sections of the music in great detail, and still have a good time over food! We feel more like a family after these two weeks.

Something we didn’t expect was the effect the landscape would have on us, and especially seeing the colours change in the space that surrounds us every day. One of the days we watch a hailstorm come in – the view went from bright and blue to stormy and overcast, and finally to sunshine and a rainbow in less than an hour!

The space inside has also been a luxury – originally we loved the Jerwood Kiln where we rehearsed but after spending a couple of days in the Britten Studio with our tutor Robert Cohen, it felt small in comparison! One of the things we worked on with Robert was how to adapt our playing to suit different rooms and halls and with the difference between those two rooms and the Jubilee Hall, it’s already been a valuable lesson.”

Find out more about Trio Kanon, and what they’re doing now on their website.