While our events are cancelled or postponed and shops and cafes are temporarily closed in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the site at Snape Maltings is still open for those who want to enjoy the fresh air and expansive natural environment of the River Alde estuary. More info

Trio Isimsiz had heard a lot about Aldeburgh before they visited, and one of the first things people get excited about when they’re staying in the town is the fish and chips.

“We were looking forward to cooking some fresh fish from scratch. With the many fishmongers along Aldeburgh beach, we thought this would be plain sailing, but not one was open! We did spot a fisherman bringing his boat in, but when asked he reported that ‘all the fish had swam north’. We did enjoy some great mushy peas with our fish and chips in the Plough and Sail at Snape Maltings though.

During the day, we had some fantastic lessons with the Gould Trio. We’ve had coaching with the group before, but this time we had each of the members individually, on separate days. Each came from the same place musically, as you’d expect from a group that plays those pieces all the time, but what was interesting was how they expressed very similar views on the music from a different angle.

After rehearsing and having lessons, we returned to our little cottage in Aldeburgh. This was the best part of living there, and every night after some poker and a sip of whiskey, we had little midnight strolls along the beach, looking at more stars than you’d ever see in London, trying desperately to identify any constellation other than Orion!”

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