How to apply for BPYAP courses

Important dates and application guidelines

Applications for BPYAP courses in 2020-21 will open Friday 4 October


Monday 4 November, 1600 GMT (all courses in 2020)

Monday 6 April 2020, 1600 GMT (Chamber Music in Residence and Chamber Music Lab)

Applications fees are as follows:

  • 4 – 21 October 2019 £25
  • 22 October onwards £35

Application Requirements

Audition videos have a strict time limit of 12 minutes. Only applicants for Composition, Alternative Performance and Performance Art can use up to 20 minutes if required.

As part of your application, you will need to create an audition video – you can find the individual requirements below. You should upload your video to YouTube or an equivalent site to submit your application (this can be a private upload). Do remember we don’t select Britten–Pears Young Artists on the basis of video quality – we’re more interested in you than the camera you used!

The performed elements of instrumental and vocal audition videos should be recorded in one continuous take to best simulate a live audition scenario. It is permissible to film your introduction separately as long as the audition is submitted in a single video link.

If you are applying to more than one course, please provide relevant contrasting repertoire which does not exceed the time limit.

All applicants should also upload an up-to-date CV detailing their education and performance experience.

Vocal & Piano

We accept applications from individual artists and existing duos but please ensure you both submit an application as these will be reviewed independently.

Singers of all voice types and accompanists should apply.

Your audition video must include the following:

  • A brief introduction (max. 2 mins) outlining why you are applying
  • 2 or 3 contrasting songs, which should reflect the course(s) you are applying to. You can present extracts of longer works.


We accept applications from young artists who are starting to work professionally as conductors and who have some experience of working with orchestras.

Your audition video must include the following:

  • A brief introduction (max. 2 mins) outlining why you are applying
  • 2 excerpts of the applicant conducting. Please note:
    • Ideally, excerpts should differ in style, tempi, and technical challenge
    • Video should be recorded from the ensemble’s point of view i.e. show the conductor’s front and clearly display their face, posture, and gestures
    • 1 excerpt may be taken from a rehearsal, but at least one 1 excerpt should come from an uninterrupted performance

You should also include accompanying notes to the audition video, detailing:

  • Exact repertoire with appropriate score locations
  • Date, place and circumstance of recording
  • Ensemble name or forces

Please note: a small chamber ensemble is perfectly acceptable to demonstrate your orchestral conducting – you are not required to show yourself conducting a full orchestra.

Creative Musical Artist

This is for applications to Composition, Alternative Performance and Performance Art.

Your audition video must include the following:

  • A brief introduction (max. 2 mins) outlining why you are applying
  • 2 examples of your work (complete or incomplete pieces) or any combination of the following:
    • The performance (complete or incomplete) of a piece composed by you
    • An improvisation
    • A devised and/or collaborative work where you have had a major role in shaping the piece (this could include a work composed by someone else where you can argue you have had a significant collaborative role in shaping the piece through interpretation)
    • A performance of a piece you feel would be relevant to the course (this can only be one of your two examples)

You should also include scores of your pieces from your audition video where relevant.


For Chamber Music in Residence, we accept applications from ensembles of 2 – 6 musicians.

For Chamber Music Lab, we accept applications from string quartets, string quintets and piano trios.

Ensemble applications must include the following:

  1. Up-to-date ensemble biography (max. 300 words), as well as a short note about each player.
  2. Unedited audition video, max. 12 minutes, which must include:
    • A brief introduction (max. 2 mins) outlining why you are applying
    • 2 contrasting movements or pieces (excerpts from longer works are acceptable)

What happens once I've applied?

Reviewing & Selection

Your application will be reviewed by a panel of external adjudicators – each panel member views all supporting materials before giving their assessment to BPYAP staff, who also review all applications. For final decisions on place offers, adjudicators’ comments regarding standard of audition and quality of musicianship are taken into consideration, as are a range of factors including career level, application presentation, and history with BPYAP.


Results for 2020 courses will be sent out by Friday 28 February 2020. Results for Chamber Music in Residence and Chamber Music Lab will be sent out by Friday 29 May 2020.

Applicants will be informed of their acceptance on a course-by-course basis. Three types of results are sent out per course:

  1. Applicant is accepted onto the course
  2. Applicant is placed on the reserve list
  3. Applicant is not accepted onto the course

Decisions are final and not for appeal.


We will endeavour to provide feedback wherever possible via our online application platform by Friday 27 March 2020, but please note that we cannot guarantee this aim will be met in every instance. You will be notified by email when feedback is made available to you.