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Apply for Aldeburgh Young Musicians | Application deadline: Monday 2 March

To apply for Aldeburgh Young Musicians, three forms will need to be completed. Two forms need to be completed by the applicant, and one form needs to be completed by their teacher. The application deadline is Monday 2 March.

Once all three forms have been completed, you will receive an email confirmation. All three forms must be submitted before you will be offered an audition.

Following this you will be invited to a preliminary, first round audition in the county of your choice. First round auditions take place in March, and the second round audition takes place on Saturday 9 May at Snape Maltings. 

Please note that it is not possible to be a member of AYM as well as attending another Centre for Advanced Training; however it is still possible to be part of local and national ensembles such as county orchestras and NYO whilst being a member of AYM. 

The application deadline is Monday 2 March. Those attending the taster day on Saturday 4 April will be offered the opportunity to audition on Monday 27 April at Snape Maltings only.


Form 1: Applicant information Form 2: Applicant statement Form 3: Teacher's supporting statement


Preliminary, first round auditions take place at:

  • Stapleford Granary (Cambs) – Monday 16, Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 March 2020
  • Snape Maltings (Suffolk) – Monday 23, Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 March 2020
  • Norwich School (Norfolk) – Monday 30 and Tuesday 21 March 2020
  • For those who attend the Taster Day on Monday 4 April, there will be an opportunity to audition at Snape Maltings on Monday 27 April only.

Further audition information and guidelines will be sent to applicants once they have completed all three parts of their application.