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Apply for Aldeburgh Young Musicians

To become an Aldeburgh Young Musician, you will need to apply and audition. This involves a two-stage process, which is designed to give you the greatest opportunity to demonstrate yourself to the best of your musical and creative ability.

The upper age limit to join the scheme initially is 16, but once you have joined you can stay until you are 18. The scheme is open to national and international students who can commit to the programme fully.

Our online application form is available here.

Our fees

Our aim is to accommodate all young musicians of exceptional talent, regardless of their ability to pay. Aldeburgh Young Musicians provides access to the Department for Education’s (DfE) Music & Dance Scheme National Grants for suitably qualified individuals.

The grants, up to a maximum of £3,686 (2017), are based on relevant income and are means tested. Surplus grant money can be put towards other music expenses, such as individual tuition fees.

Our annual fees for Aldeburgh Young Musicians for 2017/2018 are £2,835. The AYM Apprentice scheme fees are currently £1,750.

AYM can also advise about other available bursaries and fees. Please contact the Head of Aldeburgh Young Musicians if you are in need of financial support.