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Made at Snape

The Creative Campus at Snape Maltings is an inspirational space where new work is developed throughout the year – from artist residencies and programmes for young musicians to Learning and Inclusion projects exploring the power of music to improve people’s lives.

Below you can watch recent projects that have been Made at Snape. You can also find out more about the work of our Creative Campus.

Group A at Aldeburgh Carnival

Learning and Inclusion, August 2018

Group A is a vocal group for 8-18 year olds in Lowestoft that works with professional musicians to develop creative performances. Once again in 2018, Group A worked with Sarah Jewell to create an all-singing, all-dancing float for the Aldeburgh Carnival Parade.

CHROMA - Awakening

Snape Maltings Residency, July 2018

While on residency here, CHROMA performed at Walpole Old Chapel using loop stations, electronics and their own material to weave together newly commissioned work with ancient music revived by new instrumentation.


Jerwood Opera Writing Programme, March 2018

Sarah Angliss, Ross Sutherland and Sarah Fahie’s opera is based on the true story of Charles Byrne, ‘The Irish Giant’, who was considered a living wonder at nearly 8′ tall, but lived in terror of what would happen to his body when he died.

Piano Circus

Residency, February 2018

Piano Circus worked on music by Steve Reich with renowned Reich coach Micaela Haslam, and on pieces written especially for them by Graham Fitkin and John Psathas with the composers.


Open Space Residency, February 2018

Open Space artist Jack McNeill has used his place on the scheme to combine his work as a professional clarinet player and his contemporary folk duo McNeill & Heys in a new collaboration project, Propellor.

Strauss Lieder & Arias with Angelika Kirchschlager

September 2017

Angelika Kirchschlager joined the list of internationally-acclaimed tutors on the Britten–Pears Young Artist Programme for our ENOA course last year. Alongside her, pianist Malcolm Martineau rejoined the artistic team in an unmissable opportunity to explore both the luxuriant late Romantic Lied and operatic arias of one of the great vocal composers of the 20th century.

Group A - Aldeburgh Carnival

August 2017

Group A is a vocal group for 8-18 year olds in Lowestoft that works with professional musicians to develop creative performances. On 19 – 21 August, Group A worked with Sarah Jewell and a team of Gypsy-Jazz musicians to create an all-singing, all-dancing performance for the Aldeburgh Carnival Parade.

The Sleeping Thousand: Adam Maor and Yonatan Levy

Residency, August 2017

On their residency at Snape Maltings and the Red House in Aldeburgh, composer Adam Maor and writer Yonatan Levy work on adapting the text from a novel to a libretto, with the help of dramaturg Noam Brusilovsky.

Group A - Music for Youth National Festival

July 2017

On 5th July 2017 Group A performed at Symphony Hall in Birmingham as part of the Music For Youth National Festival, alongside top performing groups from across the country.

Héloïse Werner

Residency, July 2017

Soprano, cellist and composer Héloïse Werner spent a week in residency here at Snape, collaborating with librettist Octavia Bright and mentor Jessie Rodger on a new one-woman opera about language.

Sarah Saviet and Lewis Dunn

Residency, July 2017

Violinist Sarah Saviet & composer Lawrence Dunn discuss their collaborative relationship as Sarah gets to grips with a new work that she has commissioned from Lawrence.


Aldeburgh Festival 2017

A performance artwork synthesising new music and architecture created by Freya Waley-Cohen (composer), Andrew Skulina (architectural designer), Finbarr O’Dempsey (architectural designer) and Tamsin Waley-Cohen (violin). Developed and created through an Open Space Residency at Snape Maltings, and premiered at the 2017 Aldeburgh Festival.

Bill Fontana: Acoustic Visions

Aldeburgh Festival 2017

Fifty years since the arrival of music on the site, pioneering sound artist Bill Fontana creates a newly commissioned sound installation which opens our ears to the other sides of Snape Maltings’ heritage – from echoes of its industrial past to the timeless rhythms of its natural environment.

Laura Moody & Clay Gold: Parallelist

Residency, May 2017

Open Space artists Laura Moody (vocalist/cellist) and Clay Gold (sound artist) are devising a new theatrical work that explores ideas of consciousness.

Elaine Mitchener - Sweet Tooth

Residency, August 2016

The British love of sugar holds a dark and disturbing history. In her latest Research and Development project, vocal artist Elaine Mitchener casts a unique look upon the history of the sugar trade. Sweet Tooth is a deeply personal project not only about Black history but British history and the pivotal role Black people have played in it.

Pierre-Laurent Aimard - Messian: Catalogue d'Oiseaux

Aldeburgh Festival 2016

At Aldeburgh Festival 2016, Pierre-Laurent Aimard performed Messiaen’s complete Catalogue d’Oiseaux, against the spectacular backdrop of the Suffolk Coast.


Aldeburgh Festival 2016

An opera singer and an orchestra are enveloped in spectacular contemporary circus performance as Benjamin Britten’s song cycle Les Illuminations is staged as never before, to open Aldeburgh Festival 2016.

Staging Britten's Les Illuminations

June 2016

Director Struan Leslie and designer Gary McCann discuss the set and the staging of Illuminations.

The Discovery of Bomarzo

Aldeburgh Festival 2016

Open Space artists Solomon’s Knot chose to collaborate with sound artist Mira Calix for their performance of madrigals by Gesualdo and his contemporaries Giaches de Wert, Pomponio Nenna and Michelangelo Rossi at Aldeburgh Festival 2016.

Kit Downes & Tom Challenger: Vyamanikal

Aldeburgh Festival 2016

Developed through an Aldeburgh Residency, Kit Downes and Tom Challenger mix predetermined composition with free improvisation, inspired by the huge variety of organs and church acoustics in Suffolk – from the humble and small-scale to the revered Thamar organ of Framlingham Church, one of the spectacular instruments of its kind in Europe.

A Celebration of Schools' Music

March 2016

For six days every March, Snape Maltings Concert Hall rings with the sound of young people’s music making. Bringing together schools from across the county with over 1,500 pupils from 50 schools performing in one of the world’s greatest concert venues.

Eo Nomine & Oliver-John Ruthven

Residency, March 2016

In this video Eo Nomine are rehearsing Buxtehude’s Membra Jesu Nostri with countertenor Michael Chance and organist Oliver-John Ruthven, which will form the basis of a multimedia performance.

Lily Hunter Green: Bee Composed

January 2016

Sound artist and composer Lily Hunter Green is fascinated by bees and aims to raise awareness of bee ecology and conservation. During residency she worked on developing an existing installation piece, working towards the creation of a new live performance piece combining music, dance and original audio-visual compositions.

Kabantu: Ulidzele

Residency, August 2015

Ranging from the music of Bulgaria to South Africa to Scotland, Kabantu (previously known as Project Jam Sandwich) concoct their own charismatic arrangements to create a varied, acoustic show of exhilarating improvisation, scorching rhythms and beautiful melody.

The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

Residency, March 2015

On an Aldeburgh Residency in March 2015, The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments gathered to test some of the experiments and observations that Francis Bacon lays out in his Sylva Sylvarum, ’A Natural History in Ten Centuries’. The aim was to use the sounds and ideas that emerged from that process to make new compositions – 21st century translations of Bacon’s ideas.

Writing for Vocal Ensemble with Michael Finnissy and EXAUDI

Britten–Pears Young Artist Programme course, 2015

Under the direction of composer Michael Finnissy, Exaudi director James Weeks and soprano Juliet Fraser, this course gave young composers a chance to work directly with six of the singers from Exaudi in practical sessions as they developed new work and explored the challenges of composing for voices.

Faster Than Sound: The Chimes Hour

October 2014

According to Suffolk chronicler George Ewart Evans, babies born between the Chimes Hours, the ringing of the midnight churchbells “could discern happenings hidden from the sight of lesser mortals”. For this Faster than Sound, composed by Jennifer Walshe and Lee Patterson, the audience and performers alike are challenged to discern the sonic happenings of the Hoffmann Building, to engage an active listening to the hidden secrets held within the building’s architecture and its surrounding environment.

Robert Murray & Andrew West

Residency, July 2014

Tenor Robert Murray and pianist Andrew West rehearsing Schubert’s Abendstern on their Aldeburgh Residency, in preparation for their CD and performance at the 2014 Britten Weekend.

An Aldeburgh Musicircus

Aldeburgh Festival 2014

On 22 June 2014, as the centrepiece of the 67th Aldeburgh Festival and in the spirit of John Cage, more than 1,000 performers took part in An Aldeburgh Musicircus.

Mahan Esfahani

Residency, May 2014

Mahan talks us through Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier and why he’s working on it on a Aldeburgh Music Residency, as well as performing the Prelude and Fugue in D minor from book 1 (BWV 851).

Solomon's Knot at Easter

Residency, April 2014

Orford Church was filled with the sounds of Solomon’s Knot at Easter. Solomon’s Knot are part of Aldeburgh Music’s Open Space programme, which supports emerging artists and ensembles for up to three years. Solomon’s Knot have been on the scheme since September 2013 and had their Aldeburgh Music debut at Easter. Joint Artistic Director Jonathan Sells talk about the project.

Faster Than Sound: Richard Skelton & The Elysian Quartet

March 2014

Richard Skelton composes work specific to geographic place, using local place names to create word poem threads for visual, text and musical pieces. His work is rarely performed live but for Faster Than Sound, Skelton draew on the inspirational environment of Snape and its surrounding landscape to weave a new narrative, performed live by Skelton himself with the Elysian Quartet.

The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments: Nine Daies Wonder

Residency, January 2014

In 1600, Will Kemp danced his way from London to Norwich in nine days, entertaining an adoring public en route. The Society of Strange and Ancient instruments, with dancer, Steven Player, celebrate Will Kemp’s account of the journey, ‘Nine Daies Wonder’, with raucous dance tunes and more refined music of the Elizabethan age.

Jerwood Opera Writing Programme: Beyond The Pale

December 2013

Aldeburgh Music and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation supported Benjamin Scheuer in writing his first opera, together with collaborators Tom Swift and Tom Creed, through the Jerwood Opera Writing Programme.

The work was in development for around 18 months, this video shows the final workshop at Snape Maltings.

Faster Than Sound: goPlay

January 2013

In May 2013, Pekka Kuusisto, Peter Gregson and Reactify collaborated during a week long residency at Aldeburgh Music exploring the creative possibilities of goPlay, a music software system created by Gregson and Reactify in 2012 at Aldeburgh.

EXAUDI: John Cage Songbooks

February 2011

Filmed in preparation for an open session

Concerto Caledonia: Revenge of the Folksingers

Residency, December 2010

Concerto Caledonia bring Folk and Early music together in the Revenge of the Folksingers.

Aronowitz Ensemble

Residency, February 2010

Matthew Rogers: No Shock to the System

Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme course, September 2004