2020 Vision

An exhibition by the community at HMP Warren Hill working in partnership with Britten Pears Arts.

An introduction from Dave Nicholson, BEM Governing Governor

I am immensely proud, and it is a privilege, to present to you the exceptional talent of our community at Warren Hill. I continue to be impressed and mesmerised by the array of creativity and skills of our men, some of whom did not know they had this ability or that it even existed until they unlocked hidden talents.

All of this has been achieved in unprecedented times, having to manage and live through this pandemic. It cannot be underestimated how much people’s routine and regime has been curtailed in order to limit the spread of the virus. 

Having to stay positive in spite of all the setbacks and curtailments is a testament to everyone who has submitted their pieces for you to view, read and listen to as part of 2020 Vision. Normal circumstance would see the exhibition of the work in person, enabling visitors to view and talk about each piece with the creator.

This year, of course, that has not been possible. Nevertheless, it does give us a greater opportunity to promote and publish ‘virtually’ to a wider audience. I hope you all enjoy this celebration of Warren Hill’s creative talents and agree with me that in all the difficult and testing times our community has risen to the challenge and excelled.

Well done to you all

Dave Nicholson, BEM Governing Governor
HMP Warren Hill

The wonderful range of work produced reaches across four themes, exploring and reflecting the past, the future and the present Covid-19 restricted world.

Explore the works below



If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.

Bag with zipper

Beyond Lockdown

It may not be our choice to stay home. But it’s our choice to stay positive.



With creative people, truly new horizons open up.



Inspiration is everywhere

2020 Vision grew out of what has proved an exceptional and highly challenging year for prisons across the country. In place of our live annual art exhibition at Warren Hill, it became clear that we would need to go ‘virtual’. The COVID-19 regime restrictions meant that home-made and found materials, and remote, in-cell working become the new normal: recycled fabrics for stitching, sweet wrappers for origami, old fire blankets for art canvases. For many, the creative catalyst was the ‘first-aid arts kit’ designed and distributed by creative arts coordinator Fanny Jacob and her team of volunteers. Containing art and sewing materials, a hand-bound notebook and puzzles, the kits were life-savers for some and inspirational for many during the long hours of lockdown. Peer support from fellow artists and creators was crucial. The quality and diversity of submissions reflects resident responses to this year’s Koestler Awards themes (‘Window’ and ‘Life during Lockdown’) and an imaginative response and ‘vision’ of the lasting impact of 2020 on their lives…

Julian Earwaker, Writer in Residence

We’d love to hear what you think about 2020 Vision and the creative content: PlacementPlanningWH@justice.gov.uk

Assembling this first Warren Hill virtual art exhibition has been very much a team effort.

Our thanks go to:

All of the residents of HMP Warren Hill who have made this exhibition possible.

Dave Nicholson, Governing Governor

Matt Deal, Governor

Trevor Fowles, Custodial Manager

Dan Clarke, Industries Manager

Sarah Page, Officer, Photographer

Tom Cringle, Art Tutor

April Astley Birtwistle, Tapestry Designer

Julian Earwaker, Writer in Residence

Heidi Hollis, Arts Facilitator

Fanny Jacob, Creative Arts Coordinator

The musical team who supported projects for archive recordings: Yvette Riby-Williams, Joe Mace, Adam Darricott

Britten Pears Arts’ generous Criminal Justice work supporters, including Aston Lark, Nichol Young Foundation, and each of our Criminal Justice Circle donors.